An international four-day event brings together forty contemporary artists in Quebec.

Challenge Saguenay - 2002

Symposium of contemporary painting

Panorama of the Fjord saint Jean
The challenge Saguenay gathers several major sporting manifestations, cultural and educational, including :

A sea kayak race.
A Triathlon.
A Mini-Transat
A Symposium of Painting.
The international symposium of Painting "Challenge Saguenay"
takes place from 19 to 23 June 2002
in the city of Chicoutimi,
Province of Québec - Canada. Other image of the Lake Saint Jean

Organisms and persons

Association of Challenge Saguenay.

Gouvernement of Québec:
Ministery of Regions.

Gouvernement of Canada:
Development of Human Resources.

Jacques Chouinard
Chairman of the Challenge Saguenay.

Jean-Paul Lapointe
Honorary Chairman of the Symposium.

Rina Lapointe
Coordinator of the Symposium.

More than 40 artists from 7 different countries were invited. Trips and accommodation were paid by the organization. The splendor of the fjord has been offered to all, filtered by the imagination of different cultures.

Yvo Jacquier was one of those contemporary artists, invited by the commity of organization. This trip left him a lasting memory. He will make many trip to Quebec to perpetuate this feeling.

Chicoutimi on the map
Chicoutimi on the map