This contemporary painter is a pioneer of the collective movement of art: Ideorealism.



1964 - August 12, birth of Yannig GUILLEVIC in Boulogne, France to a Breton father and a Walloon mother.

1970-1976 - Regular practice of drawing and music. Flutist in the Breton band called "Quo Vadis". Numerous readings (classical literature). Passion for the asiatic arts.

1976-1978 - Pupil at the Ste-Anne d'Auray's Seminary -Brittany, France. Passion for the religious medieval art. Giotto makes an "unforgettable impression" on him.

1979-1981 - Studies in a maritime school in Brittany (his father was a fisherman). Embarks as sailor.

1982 - Studies electronics.

1983-1987 - Enlists in the Royal Navy. Numerous readings (ancient philosophy). Passion for East Africa and its arts.

1988-1992 - Moves in Paris. Studies painting at the Louvre, particularly the XVIth and the XVIIth century.
- Moves in London. Little jobs. Studies at the Tate Gallery.
- Moves in Los-Angeles. Flying school in Santa Monica. Pilot licence.
- Moves in Morocco. Has a passion for marquetery... and for all besides!
- Moves in Paris. Studies History of Art and market of Art. Studies painting of the XIXth and XXth century at the Louvre and Orsay's Museums. Has the passion for the religious art of the XVIIth century. Art dealer in paintings of the XIXth and XXth century. Has the passion for the religious art of the XVIIth century.
- Moves in Spain. Studies Le Greco, Velazquez and Goya. Meets with Bernard GIULIVI, composer with whom he'll study musical harmony. During all that time, he intensely plays dance, parachutism, marathon, scuba-diving... Awarded for outstanding achievements in sports.

1993 - Guillevic now dedicates now all his time to painting. He joins the Eugenio LLAMOSAS's studio, in Vitoria -Spain. First exhibition "As a token of Velazquez", in Bilbao -Spain.

1994-1996 - Going back in Brittany. Studies at the School of Fine Arts and at the National School of Music (harmony and organ) in Lorient. He ardently works drawing and Nude. Has the passion for the Primitive Arts and for the Gauguin's painting (especially his period in Tahiti). Exhibitions in various popular places. Passion for the "synthetic" poetry of his gran uncle Eugène GUILLEVIC, poet of the XXth century.
- Meets and works with the mathematician Franck HEURTEBIS, founder of the school Pythagore.
- Meets and works with the composer and organist Germain DESBONNET.
- Meets and works with the painter Yvo JACQUIER.

1997 - Took up permanent residence in Larmor-Plage, Brittany. Opens his studio-gallery Pap'art. The conjunction of the primitive art from Himalaya, the German expressionism, the painter Pierre Soulages as well as an... accident of studio, will allow the originality of the "BG" (Brown Guillevic) to him.

1998 - His brother, Bruno GUILLEVIC, does a considerable job for the promotion of the studio-gallery. First important exhibition "Initiatic Triangle" in the Parish Gallery in Larmor-Plage.
Others exhibitions at the InterCeltic Festival in Lorient, at the Art Fair of the Painters and Sculptors in Dinard, at the Art Fair "The saturdays of Art" in Auray. Exhibition "Duo Painters" in Larmor-Plage, with the Argentin painter Rodolfo MOLINERO. Public order (State-Clergy) for 14 paintings in the choir of the church "Notre Dame de la Clarté" in Larmor-Plage. From now on, the Popular and Primitive Arts will feed his artistic sap.

1999 - Obtains the status of professional artist at the "Maison des Artistes".
- Presentation-conference of the paintings in the church "Notre Dame de la Clarté".
- Exhibition "Drawing-Painting" in the Gallery of the Villa Margaret in Larmor-Plage.
- Exhibition "Beyond painting 1" in the Parish Gallery in Larmor-Plage.
- Exhibition "Beyond painting 2" in the Gallery Quai des Indes, during the InterCeltic Festival in Lorient.
- Exhibition with JACQUIER in the Thomas & Worth's firm, Covent garden -London. Discovery of the Theory of the Mediation. GUILLEVIC founds the ideorealist movement with JACQUIER, PERROCHES, LE GRAND and ARGUEDAS.

2000 - Moves in Pont-Aven to the house of his friend JACQUIER, where he permanently exhibites in the Ideorealist Gallery. Resides on the site: .
GUILLEVIC works with JACQUIER in the same studio.
- Ideorealist trip of the two painters in Hermosillo
- Mexico: Exhibition "History in one's lifetime" in the gallery of Arts and Sciences in the Museum of the Sonora's University.
- First conference about the ideorealism in the Centre of Arts. The lecturers and friends during that event are: Doctor Fernando TAPIA, the INAH's director (National Institute of Anthropology and History); Doctor Alberto ALVAREZ, linguist; Engineer Sergio ZARAGOZA, collector; Bachelor Clotilde BARBIER, teacher in language; Omar CADENA, writer; Marco MENDOZA, journalist. During that trip, essentialist experiences with Indians will confirm the primitive sens in his condition of westerner.

2001 - Still with JACQUIER, GUILLEVIC goes to Phoenix, twin city with Hermosillo, in Arizona -United States.
- In January, private exhibition sponsored by the French Alliance of Greater Phoenix with Dominique FROIDEFOND and John GREGG, and the French Institute of Arizona with Michel SARDA.


Exhibition in the Phoenix's French-American Institute.
Conference in the Tucson's University.
Conference in the Phoenix's University.

Exhibition in the Ideorealist Gallery in Pont-Aven.

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