This contemporary painter is a pioneer of the collective movement of art: Ideorealism.
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Yvo Jacquier
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Yvo JACQUIER :: Biography

1958 - Yvo JACQUIER was born in Pontivy (Brittany). His father was a managing director of a company, his mother was a schoolmistress. His uncle Alain JACQUIER was a painter.

1977 - After completing a science baccalaureate, he went to Lille to study Senior Mathematics, the classic itinerary of an engineer.

1980 - He refused to enter the School of Engineers and chose painting as his sole activity. His hesitation with respect to music came to an end, since according to him " he has never shown anything more than ability ".

1980-1986 - He learned the trade. He engaged in the landscape motive in Watercolours and exhibited throughout France. He made his mark on the strength of his moist paper technique and his nocturnes.

1986 - He obtained the status very coveted of professional artist at the "Maison des Artistes" presenting a complete file about his work, his fulfilled route and his turnover. He took up permanent residence in Lorient, France, where he built up his own private following.

1987-1990 - During three years, JACQUIER worked alone. He took the risk of character. He is not afraid of drawing, and not only for reasons linked to the trade: his strength is in the line.

1990-1992 - He came out of his reclusion to search for what his development demanded: a pilgrimage to Berlin, along the path of expressionism, brought him into contact with Egyptian Art.
- An initiation to fencing improved the sureness of his hand.
- He attended lectures in the History of Art for two years at the Faculty of Rennes, France.

1993 - He learned to play the trumpet at the "Atelier de Jazz" in Lorient and plays beside the musicians that he paints. Finally, he gathered the fruits of all these experiences in the l'Atelier du Chat studio, also in Lorient.

1994 - The first monograph of JACQUIER the painter was published. He was at the height of his development.

- His meeting with Adrian ARGUÉDAS, world famous Costa Rican, proved decisive. Their short collaboration enabled him to come to terms with the break with expressionism and to embark upon the discovery of primitivism.

1995 - JACQUIER embarked upon a grand subject, the oldest -the Nude- thanks to which he exhibited in the Daniel Besseiche's important gallery in Dinard -France.

1996 - He realised the necessity to widen his audience. A summer exhibition in Carnac, France- satisfied this need.

1997-1998 - He set up in Pont-Aven where he built a studio, then a gallery which bore his name.

1999 - Yvo Jacquier brought all the artists living in Pont-Aven together on the web site In parallel with a vast amount of work in the studio, he founded the Ideorealist movement.
- From that moment, the JACQUIER's activity will be bound to the life of the movement.
- With Yann-Fanch PERROCHES, he published a didactic version of the Ideorealistic Manifesto.
- With GUILLEVIC, a long work in collaboration starts, as much in the studio as on the international scene.

2000 - After getting serious contacts with the London's big galleries -and exhibiting in the Thomas & Worth's firm in Covent Garden- the two ideorealistic painters set up an exhibition and a conference in Hermosillo -Mexico.
- The exhibition "History in one's lifetime" is installed in the Gallery of Arts and Sciences which is in the Museum of the Sonora's University.
- The first conference about the ideorealism took place in the Centre of Arts -Hermosillo. The lecturers were: Doctor Fernando TAPIA, the INAH's director (National Institute of Anthropology and History); Bachelor Clotilde BARBIER, teacher in language; Doctor Alberto ALVAREZ, linguist; Omar CADENA, writer; Engineer Sergio ZARAGOZA, collector; and Marco MENDOZA, journalist.

2001 - From Mexico, they go to Phoenix, in Arizona, where they undertake to do the same things.

The JACQUIER's personal site, , is one of the most rated sites in the french Web, with "peinture contemporaine".

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Expositions 2003

From 15th March to 5th April:
Galerie A - 15 rue Victor Hugo, 35000 Rennes - France.

From 22th April au 17th May:
Avda. Marqués de Argentera, 21, bajos
08003 Barcelona - 00 34 93 315 25 00 - Spain.

from June to September:
Jacquier Gallery
28, rue du général de Gaulle 29 930 Pont-Aven - France.

From 6th to 14th December:
Biennial of Florence
Florence, Fortezza da Basso - Italia.

Exhibitions 2002

- Palais des congres de Lorient - France.
- Symposium of Chicoutimi, Quebec - Canada.

Jully to September:
Contemporary fine art gallery
Yvo Jacquier
28, rue du général de Gaulle 29 930 Pont-Aven - France

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Signature of the contemporary artist. Contemporary fine art gallery
Yvo Jacquier
28, rue du General de Gaulle,
29930 Pont-Aven - France
Tel. 33 (0)2 98 06 14 50

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