Calligraphy - Blue Jacquier

signature of the painter
« Full Gallop » : the confidence of a horse which runs on an unknown path.
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« Full Gallop » - in 56 x 76 cm

This work has been for a long time the flag of Yvo Jacquier
- on the Internet, in contemporary painting, and at the gallery of the painter.

The only certainty of the horse which ventures into a race
is to ignore the difficulties and the extent of the initiated path.
Convinced of the journey ahead, the ambitious soars
with flexibility and openness; its gaze is brisk.
The uncertainty leaves it in peace,
he has the necessary survival instincts.
The work of the artist is constantly in motion and like the horse,
the calligrapher begins a road in a blur direction.
Their respective marks find their place, and the line of the race
being that of drawing, flourishes in radiating a mysterious energy.