Prague is the place of the advents and artistic conclusions.

From Pont-Aven to Prague

A bridge too far

The Jacquier gallery in Pont-Aven at the epoch of Ideorealist movement.

what is a movement ?

In a movement, there are ideas and men. These men become allies to develop their ideas. A formula translates with humor : « An idea is a dream with a happy ending ».

The friends who gathered around a manifesto at the beginning of the century, shared « a certain conception of art ». They gathered in the action, including pictorial. Then geography, as surely as their doubts, have separated them from each other.

The action is not an end in itself. Similarly, an opinion is not in itself an idea. Both aspects must find their legitimacy to convince. Thus, to become a movement, a group must clearly define its concepts. On this point, the study is necessary.

View of the Charles Bridge in Prague.

The role of the study

Yann-Fañch Perroches and Yvo Jacquier meet again after ten years. Without consulting, they pursued the path of theoretical work they had undertaken. Yann-Fañch Perroches uses the tools of the « Mediation » in a study of music. It has at his disposal two solid supports : the musical harmony, as a discipline, and the TdM of Jean Gagnepain.

The study of the painting is much more delicate. There is no discipline comparable to the musical harmony. It was therefore necessary to create a tool that does not exist. It is quite possible that the TdM would become a sort of « the second tool », but this will not happen without that the first, the Comparative Geometry, will have delivered the scientific findings needed by the Mediation to operate.


The great poet of the Czech language.
Yvo Jacquier has met a young French author in Prague, Guillaume Beys-Salvan. Yvo moved to this city to soak the Slavic spirit without which one can not understand Sacred Geometry. Guillaume came to Prague to complete a master on the Czech literature, undertaken at the Sorbonne. In both cases there is a matter of symbolic through its presence in art. Another common point : both have decided to stay once their initial goal achieved.

The context is particularly favorable. Eg Prague is called the « Conservatory of Europe ». When you cross a Czech, the question that arises is whether he is a musician himself or else his brother. The literary life (poetry) and visual art (video mapping) are also present. How to leave such an atmosphere?

For now, the affinities are translated into concrete projects, some of which are presented on this site. They testify to a common fund of values and in the field of research. In summary : the symbolic. The desire to go beyond the action, without haste, finds its expression for now in a formula : « We are not a movement, we are an epoch ».