Graphic lines by Yvo Jacquier

signature of the painter
« Guitarist » : in this painting, the feet paw the ground to anchor the groove.
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« Guitarist » - Golden Ratio - III / III

Pawing the ground
This series of works aims to show the importance of the golden ratio in the compositions of musicians. Phi is relating to time, like music.

Composition of the golden ratio cross. The golden cross
The two tall personnages give the width. According to this, the right foot of the guitar player exceeds the rectangle. Anyway the feet are oversized in this image, and this has a meaning. The musicians paw the ground, they keep the tempo and more : they anchor the groove.

The four diagonals are expressive. The pianist even sits on it. The guitarist plays with another, as well as the saxo. And the bisectors play here mainly their role of frontiers.