Graphic lines by Yvo Jacquier

signature of the painter
« Jazz Group » : the golden ratio as the main argument of a composition in painting.
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« Jazz Group » - Golden Ratio - I / III

Three particular works
Three compositions about Jazz meet the same analysis. They include a golden rectangle width 2 by height 2.Phi. We will focus on this precise figure, which builds a cross with all its elements.

Composition of the golden ratio cross. The golden cross
On this image, the double bass (including the bow) fits perfectly with the golden rectangle. We might pay attention to the symbolic of « the snake and the bird », and its correlate « the tabby cat and the cat of the clouds ». Just kidding : Plato mistook about his idealistic ideas which become real with less purity. The celestial versions are calligraphic (silent) and the terrestrial expressions are breathing (music). Plato sang maybe out of tune ?