Graphic lines by Yvo Jacquier

signature of the painter
« Lyre Woman » : This drawing has one of the first geometrical compositions.
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« Lyre Woman » - 55 x 76 cm

The composition of this work, dating from the years 90', is based on the dialogue between the two ratios √3 and Phi, the golden ratio. A quarter of century later, Yvo Jacquier works with mathematicians, and they gather mathematical evidence about the feminity of √3.
Composition 1 composition with √3
Composition 2 composition with Phi

The geometry has entered in the work of the artist slowly, little by little, like by instinct. In the years 90, few drawings like this one show a clear and expressive structure. Some others mix several geometrical figures without any key to connect them. Remember that the painter didn't know anything about even the existence of this geometry.

Now, after a fabulous adventure of research on Renaissance painters, all the works are led by this « music of the spheres ».