Graphic lines by Yvo Jacquier

signature of the painter
« Music of Angels » : One of the earliest demonstration of sacred geometry by the painter.
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« Music of Angels » - Composition I

The composition of this work takes several pictures
Composition 1 The grid
In width: the belly and the forefinger show the lines.
Composition 2 Complementary lines
The golden rectangle, inscribed in unit square, gives the right place of several complementary lines (red).
Composition 3 First golden cross
From the top, small side 2 (x 2Phi). The navel, the nipple, the swaddling clothes and the left eye are laid on the diagonals. They are in movement and are attributes of the pregnancy.
Composition 4 Little golden cross
Two times shorter. In height, the distance of Phi separates the sex and the nipple. Phi relates to the time, and the time of pregnancy is between conception and feeding. The navel is in the central square, and the breast is just over.
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