Graphic lines by Yvo Jacquier

signature of the painter
« Point Line Plan » : a drawing with a strong geometrical composition.
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« Point Line Plan » - Composition

This drawing dates from the epoch of « Lotus ».
Composition 1 The Grid
5 in heigth and 2 in width - plus 1 to build the figures.
Composition 2 Circles diameter 2
The blue line is the obliquity of the Earth (23,5°).
Composition 3 Rectangle 3 x 5
The left ankle and the right wrist is on a diagonal. The right buttock ends to the other.
Composition 4 Circle diameter 3
The left thigh makes an inflexion and fits with the circle.
Composition 5 Baby cross
The opposite triangles enter in the proportion ∆’ = (1+√3)/2. The blue line is the obliquity of the Earth, according to the shoulder (the heel locks the circle). The message of this woman could be : « Kandinsky, come back on Earth ! »
Composition 6 Milky Way
The two lines of obliquity and their circles. The rectangle between the centers is golden...
The artist is still on the Earth.