Graphic lines by Yvo Jacquier

signature of the painter
« Spiral » : a didactical example of composition, through the body of a woman.
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« Spiral » - Composition

This drawing dates from the epoch of « Lotus ». We find the three associate values, the classical family. The rectangles have the same side below. Clear
Composition 1 Rectangle √3
This feminine value organizes the space. All the personage is into the rectangle, which builds a cross. Its inscribed square gives the vertical of the leg.
Composition 2 Rectangle Phi
This masculine value concerns the time. The head is out, but not the body. The inscribed square gives the hip.
Composition 3 Rectangle ∆’
This is the baby value, the « genetical product » of the previous ones. The rectangle proportion (1+√3)/2 builds a cross which catches the signature. A bisector precizes the root of the « J ».
Composition 4 The baby figure
The proportion ∆’ is built with a triangle and a circle. We assemble them in this cross.
Composition 5 The circle at its place