Graphic lines by Yvo Jacquier

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« Squire » : the musician and his double bass are like a squire with a horse.
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« Squire » - Composition

Composition 1 A double square
The subject is globally into a 1x2 rectangle, and the ear of the « horse » exceeds a little bit : Above all, let us listen ! The double square brings the symbolic of 2, like the musician of his instrument : a double bass !
Composition 2 The Golden Rectangle
Same width like the double square, and same center. The instrument is concerned, excepted the horse and the foot. Phi is linked to the time. In this case the vibrations of the sound.
Composition 3 The ratio √3
We start at the bottom, and go up to the thumb, a precise indication. Once more the bow is searching a diagonal, and the contact is never total. The removal of a square gives a residual rectangle ∆’, mixing a triangle plus a circle (/or a square). These forms are involved into the design. The value √3 organizes the space. In this case : how to put the musician and his instrument into the same rectangle.