Graphic lines by Yvo Jacquier

signature of the painter
« Woman Nude » : a story of seduction, by the geometry, between the painter and a woman.
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« Woman Nude » - Composition

This drawing dates from the epoch of « Lyre Woman ». This realistic picture is also led by the skills of composition, with a very complete expression.
Composition 1 The rectangle √3
With its inscribed square (right) and the rectangle ∆’ (left). The middle of the rectangle ∆’ is the transition between light and shadow in the background - the forefinger confirms. The side of ∆’ shows the separation between the shoulder and the breast, that one diagonal touches. The other touches the fingers.
Composition 2 The baby cross
The components of the rectangle ∆’ = (1+√3)/2 build a cross. In red, a golden rectangle, result of two successive divisions of the height. We can put a other scale with 2 for the diameter of the circle. The rectangle ∆’ becomes width 2 x height (1+√3). The great rectangle is √3.(1+√3)= (3+√3). The red rectangle is width (1+√3)/Phi x height (1+√3)/(Phi+1).
Composition 3 The three values : √3, Phi and ∆’
We build a golden rectangle from the left. Height (1+√3) x width (1+√3).Phi. Its diagonal touches the left wrist. The bisector (blue) is pointed by the thumb. Then we build a golden rectangle into the rectangle ∆’ (yellow). The forefinger of the lady confirms ! Width 2 x height 2/Phi. This is the diameter of the yellow circle, fitting with the buttock and the hairs.

General interpretation

Composition 1 : the ratio √3 of the composition. First picture :
the framing shows the true willing of the artist : over all, he wants to see the sacred mystery in this very attractive woman (√3).
Composition 3 : the main values of the sacred geometry. Third picture :
Phi is a masculine value relating to the time, the action, and curiously the diagonal of the great golden rectangle touches the place of the watch. The secret is maybe to take the time. But the lady is not so clear : the bisector shows classically a contact, and her thumb says « you’re grilled, guy ! ».
Composition 2 : the proportion ∆’, according to the mathematicians. Second picture :
the beauty is between dark and light, she tries to find the limit where she is in the same time in the both, she wants to escape the statute of the nun or at opposite, bad considerations. A star shines thanks to the geometry, and in the Yin-Yang circle the forefinger shows a possible solution, looking like a deal : back to the third picture. The baby figure becomes a project, with the golden measure (its division is a way to share). The thumb shows the perfect way to solve all.