Conference of the Ideorealist movement in Hermosillo (Mexico).

Art Center of Hermosillo - 2000


The speakers From left to right : C. Barbier, Y. Jacquier, A. Alvarez, F. Tapia, S. Zaragoza, O. Cadena, Y. Guillevic et M. Mendoza.


12 December 2000
8 speakers
Gallery of Arts and Sciences
Hermosillo - State of Sonora - Mexico

This conference, with an imposing plate, has been set up in a few days. The initial idea is of Yvo Jacquier, as a consequence of the extraordinary experiment of this travel on the Indian ground. In Mexico, the cultural pages of the press have the same weight as those of the other topics. One witnesses surprising conversations sometimes, between a plasterer and a cleaning lady, on the recent book of a local poet.

Arts Center - Hermosillo

INAH - State of Sonora
National institute of Anthropology and History

University of Sonora (UNISON)

Arts and Sciences Gallery - Hermosillo

The poster of the exhibition - conception by Yvo Jacquier Graphic design : Yvo Jacquier

Photos of the Conference

F Tapia, S Zaragoza, O Cadena, Y Guillevic

C Barbier, Y Jacquier et A Alvarez introducing the TdM

Clotilde Barbier during her speech

Fernando Tapia, powerful orator of humanism

Logo du Centre des Arts de Hermosillo


Ing Sergio Zaragoza (1)
Collector - Chief of Enterprise
The collector and the History

Lic Clotilde Barbier (2)
Dpt of Languages - UNISON

Dr Albert Alvarez (3)
Dpt de Linguistics - UNISON
Theory of Mediation

Dr Fernando Tapia (4)
Director de l'INAH

Marco Mendoza (5)
Journalist - El Imparcial
Art and Press

Omar Cadena (6)
Writer - Letras sobre Papel
Communication and Poetry

Guillevic et Jacquier (7)
Ideorealist Painters
Answers at the moment


March 2001

Phoenix (Arizona)
twin city of Hermosillo
French Alliance of Greater Phoenix
with Dominique FROIDEFOND and John GREGG.

French Institute of Arizona
with Michel SARDA

Alliance Française
Tucson (Arizona)