The lines of a dancer, rising in the light with a mirror effect.
The woman, lying on the sand of a dream.

Contemporary Painting


The Masters

The differents works of Yvo Jacquier.

Yvo Jacquier is a French painter living in Prague. He began his career in 1980 after studies in Mathematics. He practices many technics (drawing - calligraphy - watercolor - oils). His main préoccupation is in the line, the graphical expression, and his style is particularly recognizable.

In 2002, the contemporary artist began to study the compositions of ancient masters Rublev, Botticelli and Dürer. He realized that in this field that concerned him nothing was established. It was therefore necessary to develop a methodology to identify with certainty the geometry in the artworks.

Mathematicians of French IREM (Institute of Research in Mathematics Education) helped Yvo Jacquier in the reconstitution of Egyptian geometry. A book was published in March 2017. In French and English.

towards the book of geometry.
« GEOMETRY WITH THE EYES » is the basis of composition in the arts, from antiquity up to the Renaissance ... For five millennia. After the Renaissance everything died out.

Composition in painting is like harmony in music. Better to develop a talent with it than without it. Yvo Jacquier has now long years of practice, and the lessons of sacred geometry find a new life into contemporary art.

Creator of symbols

Capital letter T, of the word The. he research about the Renaissance painters enhances what the artist has always searched in his work : symbolism. More than the way to organize the space, composition gives a sense to each line.

Durer et ses tarots, the first book by Yvo Jacquier. This is the right time to precise also the sense of the usual vocabulary in history of art : figuration, representation, narrative, abstraction, allegory and symbol. Each painting has, in front of each person, different angles of approach. From the simplest that we call narrative to the most intimate. The lessons of ancients bring a new light on these complementary layers - including in french.

In the symbol, the physical part of a subject meets its spiritual reference. The symbolist has to practice the model up to tame it as a part of him. « When I paint a horse, I am a horse ! » says Yvo Jacquier.

The contemporary artist has also to deepen the principles which feed the subjects. The movement of the bodies become the movement of the soul. The artistic expression is not the dry report of a reality, the observation has to combine with a meditative reflection.
The alchemy of painting turns the lead of the material into the gold of art. It takes a great energy, and a kind of happy appetite.
The graphism of a woman washing her hairs. The woman in white on black. An african couple appears in the foreground. The couple's drawing becomes white on black. The silhouette of a horse called Neptune shines in the dark. The silhouette splits in two expressions. The horse shows his shapes by the drawing. Now the horse crosses his lines with the ones of the lady. A saxophonist invides the space of the work. The saxo fades behind a fencer, practicing sword in the night. The fencer visits the woman and dives in the background. The symbol of Painting and poetry meets the hand of the girl. The horse Neptun is standing in the darkness. The logo of Painting and Poetry signs the portrait of the couple. The saxophonist comes back to play a chorus. Painting and Poetry gets the attention on the black background. The sword meets the nose of the symbolic fish of painting and poetry.

Art and Culture

A painter is at first an artist, and his practice worth only with a culture. A lot of actions translate this situation. The meetings with other domains could take the form of a movement. In Prague, we prefer to tell by a joke that « we are an epoch ».

Literature and visual arts are natural neighbors. The study shows that geometers provided the theoretical part of the both - during fourth millenium BC. Thus the french writer Guillaume Beys Salvan and Yvo Jacquier met in Praha due to their common approach of symbolism. We could affirm that each one translates the other in his own field. A contemporary stream ?

Their first concrete bridge is « The Birth of Venus » by Sandro Botticelli. The composition of the painting becomes the main argument of a novel.
In the same mood, an other project under construction. A group of poets and painters are interested in the creation of a common work, mixing words and colors. This concept, simply called « Painting and Poetry », has a surprising success, as if people were waiting this opportunity.