Contemporary Shows


2015 - Brandl Gallery - Prague

The front of the art gallery

The publication of the book «Dürer et ses tarots», in 2014, marked the end of 12 years of research. The meeting point called exhibition is an essential moment in the life of the artist: the conclusion of the creation process. The people receive and take the works as their own objects. This physical connection is a privilege for the contemporary artists.

the official site of the gallery From the 15th of April to the 28th of May 2015, Yvo Jacquier worked in a team of french painters in the context of an exhibition called «Paris-Prague». His action can be perceived as a reminiscence of his motherland and the charms of Paris. Nevertheless, it can also be seen as a will to reintegrate a studio-bound activity and to apply, by the concrete of the works, the lessons of his old masters. Several paintings become the subject of geometric analysis.
location The Brandl art gallery (Petra Brandla) is located in a magnificent place of Prague’s downtown, 18 Jungmann Square - Prague 1.

2013 - Contemporary Art Festival - Czech Republic

Contemporary installation by Yvo Jacquier

at the
Art Festival
Tina b
Gask Gallery
Kutna Hora

In 2013, the artist was invited in a contemporary art project. This approach was totally different than the ones found in the usual shows and exhibitions. To update his skills, Yvo Jacquier invested a great energy to deepen the subject : « On the Rainbow ». He provided several feature articles about the color (still in french), and about his artistic proposal. The earliest approach is already a concrete work. In the exhibition, Yvo Jacquier presents several installations about the culture of Albrecht Dürer. The explanation of the Polyhedron of «Melencolia» stands beside the unedited solution of its perspective. A sculpture of Cupid keeps the highest position of the room, and some feathers fly in the space to spread poetic words up to the floor.

Article about the meaning of the color in symbolism.
The meaning of the color (fr)
We have to dig very far to understand the symbolic roots of colors. A partner of the painter, Christophe de Cène, proposes in this article a very coherent version of their structure.

Article about the perspective of Melencolia by Dürer, and its ladder.
The ladder of Melencolia
This ladder is wrong as well as the perspective of the engraving, which addresses the contemporary painting.

Article about the polyhedron of Melencolia by Dürer, and its construction.
The Polyhedron of Melencolia
The polyhedron is one pole of the installation. Here is an article explaining its wonderful structure.

Presentation of the installations of skupina Y in the festival of contemporary art.
The Installation(s)
Here is the general article concerning the show. The magnificent space of the Gask Gallery (ancient Jesuit College) makes it quite religious.

The words included in the process of the installation -  festival of contemporary art.
The little phrases of Yvo Jacquier have been listed.

Since 2007 - Art studio in Prague

The water painting of Yvo Jacquier in Prague.

in Praha

Twelve years of research need regular breaths. Some Jazz practice fed his inspiration, and Yvo Jacquier came back to the studio for watercolor. Drawing never stops. It is a way of life, and every subjects need its preparation.
The oil painting of Yvo Jacquier in Prague.

in Praha

Then came the time of oils. The artist found back the path of his previous period. What was different ? The influence of the old masters. Andrei Rublev was slavic, and Prague is a good place to catch his mind.

1997-2004 - Gallery Studio in Pont-Aven

Studio-gallery of Yvo Jacquier in Pont-Aven.
During seven years, the painter occupied a studio in Pont-Aven. This town is called « city of painters » due to the historical fame of its past (the school of Pont-Aven with Paul Gauguin and Émile Bernard). He opened an art gallery and he developed several projects, through the Internet and collective exhibitions. This was the epoch of the Ideorealist Movement.

The drawings of Yvo Jacquier - Pont-Aven Drawing has ever been the basis of painting. The graphic artist had reached his first maturity.

The calligraphies of Yvo Jacquier - Pont-Aven An original expression of his graphic style is in the « calligraphies ». The painter uses a personal color, called « Bleu Jacquier ».

The watercolors of Yvo Jacquier - Pont-Aven Watercolor, the first love of the french painter, found a new direction which is still the right one in Prague.

The oil paintings of Yvo Jacquier - Pont-Aven Yvo Jacquier started to paint with oils in Pont-Aven, and he translated very soon his practice from paper to linen.
The other exhibitions in galleries. Besides his actions in Brittany, the artist exhibited abroad. Among others : in Barcelona and Florence (here left, in 2003), and also in Lorient and Chicoutimi.

A great Exhibition led him to Mexico in 2000, in Hermosillo, Mexico, with the Ideorealist Movement, which gave a great Conference as a conclusion.