Paintings & Techniques


What is painting in the concrete ?

Capital letter T of the word There. here are many ways to present contemporary paintings. A classification of art is needed to make it readable, and each method has its own particular advantages. On this site, the technical differences have been chosen as the most objective in order to present the artworks.

At first, Yvo Jacquier started his artistic endeavor as a watercolor painter and a drawer. In that time, paper was used as his only one support. His usage of oils began with a new acquired maturity and the necessity to use wider formats. For that reason, the linen represents the main part of the volume. However, the painter comes back regularly to his first love of paper. He pays tribute to this paper on the main windows of this website. 

The hand of Yvo Jacquier.

The second panel of the menu shows the stages of the studio (in inverted order).

The technics at the studio

The oils paintings. Oils look like a conclusion. And the media « oil painting » has often under-coats with an acrylic base. In spite of this adds, the appellation stays right, especially by the support (linen). Without the fantastic transparence of the last veils, the light and the aspect of the material would be dry, poor and lifeless. This technique has conquered art for good reasons. 

The calligraphies. Calligraphies are the final step of a study on models. Mainly cats and horses for the moment. These works are a way to write in the language of painting.

The watercolors. Watercolors are usually appreciated for their spontaneity. In many works by Yvo Jacquier, the preparation of drawing contradicts this opinion. But the speed of execution, without any pentimento, gives this impression.

The drawings. Drawing can be considered as the heart of painting and is often the first step of a project. In fact, a project has to be very good in order to suffice its simple expression, especially without any volume effects (the pure line). In that sense the material, even the lights are, by the gesture of the brush, in the shadow of drawing.
The graphic designs. Graphic Design consists mainly in converting an original drawing into a format for the screen. The technics allow changing it a lot, and for that reason this discipline has its own category.

The sketches. Sketches  concern the study of models as well as the free hand drawing of research, the two complementary sides of figuration. Without the freshness of inspiration, a work stays an ordinary description.

The compositions. Composition becomes a legitimate chapter. At this place the contemporary creation meets the culture of ancients. Yvo Jacquier practices the same values adopted by his masters, the same art of meaning by his constructions.