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Capital letter Y ofYvo. vo Jacquier, painter living in Prague, will be pleased to answer you, about his works and his publications.

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Partners - Special Thanks

Yvo Jacquier’s innovative and vast researches meet a lot of challenges. The role of good partners is both essential and crucial. They bring elements, inspiration, and more than anything else, they give human warmth when it is needed. With their help, the researcher has avoided the drifts bound to subjectivity or the complacency that history waits for. Yvo, as his friends call him, has kept one main attitude in mind: one needs to rely on proofs.

Jean-Paul Guichard IREM-Poitiers
Historical and educational advisor

Dominique Gaud IREM-Poitiers
Frédéric de Ligt IREM-Poitiers
Henri Lombardi IREM-Besançon
Institute of Research in Mathematics Education

Pierre Théon Maths - IUT Saint-Malo (France)
Raphaël Legoy Maths - Université du Havre
Anthony Rédou Maths - Lycée Français - Prague
Zdenek Halas Maths - Univ. Charles de Prague
Thierry Ciblac École Supérieure d'Architecture de Paris La Vilette


Geneviève von Petzinger
Archeologist - University of Victoria (Canada)
Dimana Ivanova
Comparative Literature, writer - Bratislava
Laurence Bougault
Stylistic - Université de Rennes (France)
Christophe de Cène
Symbolist, astrologist - Combourg (France)
Guillaume Beys-Salvan
Teacher, Writer - Prague
Tencho Stalev
Iconographer - Prague
Philippe Frank
Internet manager -
Vladan S Stoyanov
English creative writer - drummer

Prague - Cultural links

The Narodni Galerie.
Narodni Galerie
This gallery houses the national art collections, from Antiquity to the 21° C. Several places are gathered under this banner :

1) The St. Agnes Convent
collections of ancient art (Middle Ages in Bohemia and Central Europe).
2) The St. George Cloister
collections of ancient art (Mannerism under Rudolf II and Baroque art).
3) Kinsky Palace
Czech landscape from the seventeenth to the twentieth centuries.
4) The Palace Sternberk
European art from antiquity to the present. Hradčanské namesti 15/57, 110 00 Praha 1. In that place is kept a painting of Albrecht Dürer dating from 1506 « The Madonna with the Rose Garlands ».
5) The exhibition center (Veletrzní palac)
Fine Arts of nineteenth and twentieth centuries.
6) The Stables of Prague Castle
& Wallenstein Palace

Temporary exhibitions.
7) The House with Black Madonna
Museum of Czech Cubism.
8) Zbraslav Castle
Asian and oriental arts collections.
The Narodni Museum
Narodni Museum
One of the main museums in Prague. This Neo-Renaissance building is at the top of the Wenceslas Square, the main avenue of Prague. Its central hall is like the Pantheon of the great Czech personages.

The museum of communist occupation in Prague.
Museum of Communism
The reconstruction of the gray (or black) years of the Communist occupation in Prague.

The French radio in Prague
Radio Praha
The main French-language media in the Czech Republic. A wealth of information through comprehensive articles on current events, and archive section. Culture, tourism, politics, society, Czech etc. (also in english)

Travel agency, specialised in history of Prague.
Prague Avantgarde
This agency run by a French offers guided tours in French, in Prague and its surrounding area. The guides are often students of history of art. (English spoken too)