Geometry in painting


The music of the spheres

Capital letter A, of the word As. s told by his partner in research, Christophe de Cène : « Geometry is the mother tongue of Yvo Jacquier ». In spite of his scientific background, the painter came very late to the mathematics in art. The rare publications about Sacred Geometry don't inspire so much confidence to a real scientist.
In the years 2000, Christophe showed to his friend a huge discovery : the numerical combinations of Tarot. A perfect structure.

Article by Christophe de Cène about the numerical combinations of the cards of Tarot.
Numerical combinations
in the cards of Tarot

This sharing signed the beginning of a long research, by which the french artist dived into the history of art, from Renaissance until the early neolithic. The core of this study lasted twelve years, this time was necessary to reconstitute the composition of the main masterpieces of art (including architecture).

It has been essential to rebuild the theoretical part of the practice in the composition : a particular geometry, on a grid and without calculation, called for this reason « Geometry with eyes ». (see on the specialized page)

The last but not the least discovery : the painter finds the same geometric arguments in his own works ! For the moment, he seems to be the only one artist with this particularity in the "contemporary world". The other cases are found among real "primitives".

It would be very much more easy to build a mysterious lie about this precise point, than to explain all in a clear way. Yvo Jacquier chose the truth and its basic price : the work.

The compositions of the works

The composition of « Cat out of the time ».

Watercolor on Arches
Composition of « Cat out of the time »

This work has two complementary logics. Here we expose the √3 (the other is φ), and this study allows to understand the identity of the cat : Bastet, the Egyptian Goddess of fertility. The precision of the lines makes it amazing.

This work is also accessible at its page.

The composition of « Fly ».

Oil on canvas
Composition of « Fly »

This work is rather sophisticate, in spite of the simplicity of the theme. « He dreams of her, she thinks of him ». Here we chose to show the main values of Sacred Geometry, and the way to use them in the composition. We insist on the structure more than on the interpretation of this contemporary painting. These comments will come later.

The composition of « Celtic Strength ».

Calligraphy on paper
Composition of « Celtic Strength »

This composition seems to be more simple to the eyes. For all that the interpretation is not so much simple. Painting is a full language, and we have to surpass the bad habits of illustration. In this case, we enter a real symbol, an not a simple allegory.

This work is also accessible at its page
The motif in video with Pénélope Leprévost
A paragraph about it, at the design page

The composition of « Music of Angels ».

Drawing on Arches
Composition of « Music of Angels »

Three works of the painter show the steps of his evolution in the art of composition.
« Woman Lyre » The first uses a basic vocabulary in the early 90's.
« Lotus » 1995 - above, is a second step. The geometry takes the liberty of π.
« Music of Angels » is dated 1999 (see beside) Its vocabulary becomes complete and relevant according to the most recent discoveries in comparative geometry.
The calligraphies have been the starter of this contemporary process.

The composition of « Lotus ».

Drawing on Arches
Composition of « Lotus »

In terms of composition, « Lotus » is a major work of Yvo Jacquier. This article shows a part of the structure. Besides the classical vocabulary of the Renaissance painters appears an unusual value : π. In the quattrocento, this number was still a conjecture, as well as the statute of the woman. This drawing could be the way to tame the both subjects !

This work is also accessible at its page.

The compositions of several sketches by Yvo Jacquier.

The composition of recent drafts

A global project, on this site, aims to show the building of a work from the first draft to the final result. The initial lines have already a structure, a geometrical composition. This recent article explains the several interests of this step.

A paragraph about it, at the sketches page

Bastet, the Egyptian cat? The baby circle of the composition. The figure of Conques, partition of √3 rectangle. The pure geometry of √3 figure. The double triangle, building √3 rectangle. The equilateral triangle. The double triangle, building √3 rectangle. The pure geometry of √3 figure. The figure of Conques, partition of √3 rectangle. The baby circle of the composition.

of Bastet

The layers of the composition of Bastet are here presented in a didactic slideshow (the start takes few seconds).