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Out of the frame

Capital letter C, of the word Capital. apital chapter of the drawing, the design is a full discipline. The artists have always been interested in design. Its field evolves, but the basic rules are still contemporary : the design brings to usual objects, outside the works, the experience of art. The two sides can even build a strong association. Eg in modern style, the artists decided to invest their curves everywhere in the quotidian life.

The experiment of design is unavoidable for every artists. They can not escape to their friends who ask them to find a solution for a poster or a banner. Furthermore, design is a way to reach the concrete, to touch the reality through a precise subject. This is a way to test the creativity with a kind of objectivity.

The grazing change is always appreciated.

The decoration of the trimaran Bayer by Yvo Jacquier.

2002 - Visual of the trimaran BAYER

This subject was full of constraints. Firstly the two colors of the trademark are imposed. Then, we had to assume the necessity to distinguish this boat in particular among a great pack. Last point, the variable geometry of the sail according to the wind doesn't affect the visibility of the lines.

In spite of these unbreakable éléments, the contemporary painter found the way to suggest wings to a boat which literally flies on the waves.

The logotypes of the project Painting and Poetry, and the United Fencers of Oakland.

2015 - Logotypes

Here presented in their « rubber stamp version », the logos are the major piece of a visual set. These modern coat of arms behave like aristocrats in the world of images. For the painter, the conception of such picture is a challenge. You have to bring a touch of personality but the one of the team that you draw.

These two examples concern « Painting and Poetry », a project which gathers artists, and « the United Fencers of Oakland », a sporting club (CA). The common point is in the circle.

Creation of images and icons for the websites and the computers.

2015 - Graphic design for websites

These icons and other pictures are the first obvious application for everyone who deals with image in his job. Yvo Jacquier created a lot of complete sets. Eg the classement of his research documents needed a particular series to be clear.
This present site has been a great challenge, it must accord the same elements with various colors, in response to different necessities.

CD Jazz cover for the group of Bill Cunliffe and Gary Foster.

2003 - CD Jazz Cover

Yvo Jacquier likes music, and he practices several instruments. He even learnt the trumpet to go closer to the musicians ! They have been a great inspiration for drawing.

When Reed Kotler asked a maquette for the disk « It's about Love », the artist has really enjoyed the experiment. He has listened without end (and without tiredness) the piano of Bill Cunliffe and the saxo of Gary Foster to produce this picture, mixing the painting and the computer's technique in a contemporary mood.

The poster of a young rock group.

2015 - Rock Group Poster

They are a group of friends, a little bit rebels and very noisy, in one word : young ! They gave to Yvo a feeling of emergence. Something important, maybe urgent. He asked them what they think. The answer has been : an owl, with white night shadows under its eyes, a desert with a smoke spectrum, flying under the full moon. The last idea was just to make a picture. Like an ordinary summary about a listing in the style of Jacques Prévert. They produce their first concert...

The logo of the socity Pyramid.

2003 - Society Pyramid

This enterprise has changed into another, however the image is still a good logo to show. The project was to create the name and the visual identity together.

The cat is a major subject in the works of Yvo Jacquier.

The logo of Pénélope Leprévost from a calligraphy of Yvo Jacquier.

2010 - Horse riders equipment

The olympic champion Pénélope Leprévost created a trademark, for supplying horse riders. And she chose a contemporary calligraphy by Yvo Jacquier as her coat of arms. Several by-products, especially a metallic pendant, are designed with the same motif.

The logos for dot org and Brittany by Yvo Jacquier.

Generic symbols

These logos could fit in many situation. They are not designed for a unique place. In a way these projects are more free. However in design, the constraint has to be considered like a challenge, and even a spring of inspiration. What sportsman could reject a sport because of the difficulty of its practice ?

Art and freedom

Capital letter T, of the word The. oday the tendency is to exit from the opposition between a free pure art and a commercial practice. But some contempt is still in the contemporary minds. To be Art, a product has to prove its uselessness ! The main argument considers every constraints like a lost of freedom. If we follow this stream the dancers could claim for the abolition of gravity.

The frontier between the real art and some usual commercial services can not refer only to the statute of the object. This definition is despising and intellectually weak. Furthermore, art is not « a judicial space which allows everything » (the official dogma). In your garden, you pay attention not to shock your neighbours, but in art the law protects artists who insult the people. Does art become a kind of social therapy for whom missed his anal stage ?
We know that the censure is dangerous, and we must be aware about it. But what can we tell to a person who feels offended when the Christ is plunged into piss ? Our silence is it the price to pay for our freedom ? In twentieth century, the obsession of freedom has not been the best option to find and to give a sense to the artworks. What do we get ? A judridical and administrative definition instead of the breath of the real creation. Philosophers and speakers produce now the content more than the artists, and these ones become hostages. They don't create the space : they keep their place.

The statute of art is at the center of this chapter. The design is outside the « official art » because it is worn by useful things (even if what it brings is useless, free and mechanically neutral). If we follow this stream in literature, the instructions of a washing machine become art when we write them on the white wall of a gallery, and the words of an unknown poet become advertisement on the bakery paper, since they speak about bread. The argument of paradox is a lie in front of this analysis. We define art into a space, an area outside the real life, instead of to address it in human reliable terms. A pity.

The question becomes especially embarrassing when the works invest the public space. Eg the anal plug by McCarthy which got the support of authorities, but not a general assent. The people who condemn these kind of provocation are not all illiterate and ultra-conservative, as well as the leaders of the official market are not all perfect democrats. In too much cases, the banknotes seem the dark wings of the artistic freedom !

Little show

Logos and icons for websites. Other icons for websites. The decoration of the trimaran Bayer. The decoration of the trimaran Bayer, with light. Logo of the United Fencers of Oakland. Logo of Painting and Poetry project. Garry Forter and Bill Cunliffe CD cover. The poster of Desert Smoke, a rock group. The icons of Desert Smoke. The logo of dot org. The logo of Brittany. The letter S becoming logo. The letter O becoming logo. The letter J becoming logo. The logo of the society Pyramid - I. The logo of the society Pyramid - II.

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