Graphism and Color


Drawing vs Color

Capital letter T, of the word The. he line is a surface. This shortcut resumes the conception of Yvo Jacquier. We are used to the debates opposing classics to moderns, or in the same mood "drawing to color". In fact a grey tradition facing a frivolous progress. The painter has never been comfortable to speak about these false oppositions. He puts color in his lines, and there is no relevant color without movement, without a graphical intention that pushes it. We speak about brushwork to qualify the result.
The real question might be : what kind of line, and what kind of color ? What is the goal of the drawing ? What can bring the material ? All of these questions take their interest within the global process of a creation. And they have never stopped to be contemporary in art.

The composition of the Birth of Venus by Botticelli Let's take the example of the Birth of Venus by Botticelli. He studied in a classical way an antic sculpture from Medici collection. He used his ancient sketches of Simonetta Vespucci, his favorite model. In spite of this very classical attitude, Sandro produced the first great nude of all the times in painting. A revolution. The colors are fine... He used them to express a very sharp conception. Venus looks like a sculpture to show her statute of Goddess as well as the death of Simonetta. The decor is quite naïve in contrast with the characters and their delightful precision. And all of this enters into the management of a fantastic composition.

Series Pont-Aven

This series is a complementary chapter to the monograph, when Yvo Jacquier settled his studio in Pont-Aven. The drawing was his major preoccupation, and he invested all the classical spaces, up to imitate the woodcut effects in the shadows. However the medium as an object, as well as the research of the material, are contemporary concerns.

On the path represented by these works, the artist comes gradually off the narration, he surpasses the simple figuration and enters the world which is now his own. The compositions are already fully developed, as shown by the didactical pictures of the pages. The Sacred Geometry stands behind the drawing, it brings the meaning of the lines and confirms their sense.

The meaning of the words

lien Every language has its own semantics and its own definitions. In french, the term of abstraction means the outline of the whole by a generic shape. Many examples of this process are given by mathematics. Eg the triangle summarizes all the kinds of things which go by three in the space.

The philosophers seem to be on the same path. However the Art wishes to escape to this frame, according to the dogma of subjectivity which leads its debates. In painting or drawing, « abstraction » means nowadays that one can not identify the ambition of a picture with any certainty. The topic might appear with the comment, but not into the motif (this would be felt as a lack of taste).
Contemporary art has a short memory. The chinese and japanese writings remember the essential of their motifs, and everybody agrees that they are a perfect case of abstraction. Furthermore, Mondrian, as he explained, has drawn his lines and his rectangles through the analysis of landscapes. The abstraction is less a matter of appearance than a matter of work. A definition based on the "non-understandable" is not relevant, not acceptable. It would be more courageous to define it as « anything you want, or look at yourself into the mirror ».

The abstraction of feminity by the lines of a woman. In their evolution, the lines of Yvo Jacquier show a progressive abstraction. And its maturity is in the formula « the line is a surface ». The line is not any more the simple frontier of the reality, the contour of an alive subject. Its area becomes the field where develops an entire story. The painting is a true language, and the composition is its syntax.