The light of glazing


The path of oil is on linen

Capital letter Z, of the name Zao Wou-Ki. ao Wou-Ki learnt painting at the fine art school of Hangzhou and he started oil from the sixth year. Asian people insist on drawing (and they are more fair about water and paper than Occidentals). His resume of the role of Painting is a Must (George Braque was already on the same path) : « People believe that painting and writing aim to reproduce the shapes and likeness. No, the brush is used to uncover things from chaos ».

When he started painting, Yvo Jacquier was not yet initiated to the thoughts of George Braque nor to the beauty of the Asian culture. Nevertheless, he pertained for 20 years an artistic activity as a graphical drawer and a watercolorist. An intriguing aspect is that he naturally holds his brushes in an Asian position, and his guitar with a classical attitude prior to any instruction or learning. « Intelligence is less a matter of school than a matter of care ».

The first series of oils. Oil painting techniques are more about the support, the linen, than about the chemical materials. Contemporary painters generally start by using acrylic in order to begin their work. The last coats will be executed with oil based colors and no other technique can get close to the vivid effects of its final result. The transparency of the glazing allows the observer to feel the light in the background. This property can remind the one found in watercolor works.

To prepare the third millennium (and the birth of his daughter), Yvo Jacquier translated his experience of the paper on the canvas in less than one month. Nothing special : he had already mixed the materials, eg with the gouache : another kind of composition.

Series Prague

These works are mostly painted in Prague, after a series of large watercolors. Maybe a way to feel at home. The continental climate of Prague is more comfortable than the oceanic one in the drying of colors. « In Brittany, even the silence is wet ». Here the role of composition, becoming contemporary, is obvious.

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Series Pont-Aven

These oil paintings have been created in Pont-Aven, France, where the artist had a Studio-Gallery for seven years. He came there with a real maturity in drawing, as shown in the monograph. He decided to extend the spectrum of his possibilities, especially the formats. He mixed some elements of the local ground like sand, mica and even faience, that give a consistency to his contemporary dough.

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Series Exhibitions

Two international exhibitions are concerned by this series, in Barcelona and in Florence. These manifestations were parallel to the gallery in Pont-Aven and its Ideorealist activity (contemporary art movement). At this time, Internet was not yet in the manners of the audience (like today).

A query often arises about the reason of two main subjects : woman and horse. Yvo Jacquier answers with a smile that « this is mainly a matter of education ». The horses like the women who are the models have a high level in sport or in dance ». Their are not wild as far as we can guess.

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